Last updated on 21 February 2019

  1. What’s a cookie?

    A cookie is a small file text file placed and stocked for a limited period on your computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device you’re using to browse the Vollville Site (the “Services”).

    Cookies allow Vollville to recognize you, keep in memory some information relating to your preferences or your journey on the Services it also helps us understand the way you use the Services and to display personalised advertisements.

  2. Who places cookies on your devices?

    Cookies are placed on your device by Vollville or third parties.

  3. How does Vollville use Cookies?

    Vollville uses four types of cookies:

    • The Strictly necessary cookies are mandatory to browse our website or use our application. They cannot be disabled as their deletion may prevent you from using our Services.

    • The functional cookies allow us to recognize you when you come back to use our Services and keep in memory your preferences in order to provide you with a content adapted (language, display mode…).

    • The performance cookies provide us with statistics about the traffic and use of our Services. This information allows us to understand the way you interact with the Services and to improve them.

    • Marketing cookies allow us to keep track of your visit on our Services, the pages you browsed as well as the links you clicked on in order to display personalized ads adapted to your preferences.

  4. For how long do we retain your cookies?

    Vollville retains your cookies for a period of 12 months and then deletes them.

  5. Cookie Management

    You can disable cookies at any time either by using our cookie management tool or by deleting them via your browser’s settings.

    Please keep in mind that changing the set up of cookies may alter your access conditions to the Services as well as your browsing experience.

    Each browser has a different set up in terms of cookies. You can find the way to manage your cookies preference by using your browser’s help menu.

    In any case, you will find more information on behavioral advertising and privacy protection on the Internet on this website:

Let’s make the things clear: we do not sell your data. We use following cookies:

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